cbd evielab sleep
packaging cbd sleep
cbd evielab sleep
packaging cbd sleep


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Evielab has created Evielab CBD Sleep pearls to make your nights restful and your mornings bright. Thanks to these micro-beads you will be efficient all day long!

The dispensing tube makes it easy to take these sublingual micro pearls. A quarter twist releases a pearl, for a precise dosage. Once the desired number of pearls is reached, you can open the cap and let the CBD Sleep pearls melt under your tongue. Feel the soothing effects of this powerful natural sleeping pill after 30 minutes. The beads of CBD Sleep by Evielab promote a good night's sleep and thus preserve your physical and mental health. These micro-pearls have no psychotropic effects. Sleep quick and tight with the pearls of CBD Sleep by Evielab!

The combination of CBD (cannabidiol), CBG (cannabigerol) and precisely selected natural terpenes, in this case, myrcene for its sedative effects and linalool for its calming effect, provides a powerful natural sleep aid. Bioavailability is optimised thanks to the sublingual mode of consumption. All the virtues of the pearls of CBD Sleep are quickly assimilated by the body. 1 pearl contains 5mg of cannabinoids (CBD and CBG). The soluble shell of each micro-pearl is based on xylitol, a natural birch bark sugar. This coating provides a strong UV and moisture resistance to your micro-pearls.

Consuming the pearls of CBD Sleep by Evielab, is legal in France and Europe because they contain 0% THC.

Made with 0% sugar, 0% gluten and GMO free, they are perfectly suitable for vegans. 

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SLEEP Evielab CBD Pearls

  • Linalool: Soothing (Also found in lavender)
  • Myrcene: Sedative & Neurochemical synergist (Also found in hops)
  • Purified CBD Isolat
  • 100% THC free
  • Seventy (70) sublingual pearls
  • Natural terpene
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evielab cbd sleep
good product

CBD for sleep
I've been taking CBD for 2 years in every possible way, oil, flowers... I didn't know these pearls, but it's a good surprise to find CBD under this form. It works pretty fast on me. I have insomnia and these pearls help me relax. I take 3 pearls every night to enjoy a restful sleep.

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