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Evielab CBD Calm set contains two doser stick: Relax CBD and Relief CBD.

dosage cbd cbg natural terpenes

dosage cbd cbg natural terpenes

Each CBD pearl has its own properties depending its formula. Those pearls contains a precise dosage of CBD - CBG Isolate and natural terpenes. The Relax CBD enables you to calm down and release stress. In addition, thanks to other molecules, the Relief CBD helps fight against pain and is a natural anti-inflammatory.

This CBD manufactured by the brand Evielab does not contain solvents, GMOs or THC. The Cannabinoids comes from American organically grown hemp.

The doseur stick is made of medical grade plastic (manufactured in clean room). This packaging enables you to take your Evielab CBD easily wherever you want, to share the CBD with who you want and prevent from any finger contact with the pearl. Each stick dispenser contains 70 pearls of Evielab CBD.

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RELAX Evielab CBD Pearls

  • Farnesene: Natural Soothing and Sedative (Also found in turmeric and ylang-ylang)
  • Beta-Caryophyllene: Activates cannabinoid receptors (Also found in black pepper)
  • Myrcene: Natural and Synergistic Neurochemical Sedative (Also found in hops)
  • Purified CBD isolate
  • 100% THC free
  • Seventy (70) Sublingual Pearls
  • Natural Terpenes

RELIEF Evielab CBD Pearls

  • D-limonene: Soothing & energizing (Also found in citrus fruits)
  • Alpha-pinene: Stimulating (Also found in rosemary and conifers)
  • Myrcene : Neurochemical synergy (Also found in hops)
  • Geraniol : Soothing (Also found in geraniums)
  • CBD and CBG Isolate
  • 100% THC free
  • Seventy (70) Sublingual Pearls
  • Natural terpenes  

1 pearl contains 5mg of cannabinoids (CBD and CBG).

These micro pearls of CBD are consumed sublingually.

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Those cbd pearls are better for health because they are made of organically grown hemp and I like the effects they have on me

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