CBD pearls: They talk about us!

CBD pearls: They talk about us!

Manufactured in Los Angeles, Evielab CBD pearls arrived in Europe in September 2020, distributed exclusively by Pearls Paris. A success for the american brand which spent more than two years conceiving a high quality CBD pearl.

On this occasion, Aurélien Bernard, founder of Newsweed, the leading cannabis media in France, met Xavier Suid the founder of Evielab, to learn more about these CBD micro pearls. We tell you more…

What’s Newsweed?

In 2015, Aurélien Bernard created Newsweed, an information website on cannabis. Newsweed is entirely dedicated to world news on weed. This online magazine is the only French reference media dealing with this subject in a neutral way.

With a neutral editorial line, Newsweed covers all subjects dealing with cannabis by writing articles and doing reports on: scientific research and studies, therapeutic breakthroughs, legislation on weed or the various associated products, the multiple events / festivals / trade fairs and even on the history of the plant.

Newsweed possesses a CBD section and was therefore interested in the latest CBD innovation: the micro-bead Evielab. Aurélien Bernard met Xavier Suid to discover more about this unique and patented product…

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The CBD pearl: the future of CBD

After this interview, Aurélien Bernard created an article entitled “Evielab’s CBD sublingual pearls or the future of CBD” catchy and, we hope, premonitory title.

In his article, Aurélien Bernard comes back on various aspects of the Evielab bead. To begin with, he described all the technologies used to produce the perfect CBD pearl with an even and fast dissolution. The article also covers the pearls’ maximum bioavailability with 5mg of cannabiodioles delivered per pearl, its manufacture made with organic hemp, without solvents, additives or sugar, as well as the different benefits between each reference (Pure, Relief, Sport, Immunity, Sleep, Focus, Intimacy and Relax CBD pearls) of the Evielab range.

Thanks to these many advantages, the Evielab pearl has a bright future ahead! In fact, Evielab is the answer to several issues regarding the use of CBD. Where the CBD oils are hard to share, transport and dose, where CBD-based food and drink contain preservatives and other added sugars, where vape is not recommended for health reasons and the dosage consumption is hard to control, the CBD pearl is the best alternative.

What we keep in mind

A good publicity for the product and the Evielab brand! The opportunity for the CBD pearl to gain visibility on the reference media of cannabis and hemp in France.

News on CBD, hemp and cannabis are frequent but it must be acknowledged that the launch of innovative quality products on the market are rare. The launch of Evielab pearl is really great news, both for its quality and for its new use, which is more hygienic and healthy than most products on offer today.

Find CBD pearls on Pearls Paris

Our website, Pearls Paris, is Evielab’s exclusive partner in the UK. Discover all our Evielab products on our website:

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The pearls’ dosage in CBD, CBG and natural terpenes is specifically studied for each need. The Evielab CBD pearls do not contain THC and comply with current European regulations.