CBD for your sleep. What are its advantages to have better nights?

CBD for your sleep. What are its advantages to have better nights?

Many people suffer from sleeping problems or health ones. The reason can be stress or anxiety that we have to cope with on a daily basis. Another reason can be the screens that we keep on watching every day, which stimulates our brains continually and makes it rather difficult to go from an active phase to rest and then to sleep. Falling asleep takes longer then waking during the night can be more frequent because of stress and you end up exhausted since you can’t recover from your work days. This can be very harmful for your health but thankfully this won’t last for ever as we the solution : Cannabidiol – also called CBD – can be of great help.

The different studies carried out on CBD show an indisputable link between hemp – or CBD – and good quality sleep. When sleeping pills and other medicines don’t seem to work any longer, we believe that the natural effects of CBD can help you fight against stress, anxiety and sleeplessness.

Why use CBD to sleep and improve your sleep?

The reputation of CBD and its many positive effects are getting known every day. We know that good quality CBD helps to relieve some problems such as chronic pains or anxiety. CBD can also help to fight against epileptic seizures or help to give up smoking as well. But how does it work? By acting on our central nervous system as well as our immune system.

CBD will also help you to sleep well and fight against insomnia. Indeed, most sleeping problems come from a malfunction of the circadian rhythm ( the alternance between night and day). One major cause is the blue light of the screens that we watch before going to bed and which prevents the right production of melatonin – the hormone responsible for making you fall asleep. CBD – coming from hemp – will come and settle on receptors CB1 and CB2 of your body, thus modifying the message transmitted from your brain to your body. These receptors being connected to the nervous system, the effects of CBD will be to decrease the neuronal activity. Consequently, this will help the body to relax and find its way to sleeping. Sleeplessness and repetitive anxiety will be gone for good!

What type of CBD ( oil, pills…) to fight against insomnia efficiently? 

You’re free to choose how you will consume your CBD, it all depends on your preferences. There are many types and flavours. Oil is used quite often but its taste turns out to be rather unpleasant. At Pearls Paris, we sell quality CBD in micro-pearls to help you fight against sleeplessness. This will help you benefit from the effects of CBD – made from hemp – all day long and thus  reduce your problems of stress or anxiety.

We have a range of CBD called Sleep which was specially designed to make you sleep much better. Indeed, our Evielab CBD Sleep micro-pearls contain CBD from hemp but also CBG – or cannabigerol – plus natural terpenes such linaloo and myrcene that help you to relax. No more stress or anxiety! These pearls only contain natural ingredients and no sugar, no GMOs or THC. Always pay close attention to the percentage of CBD products.

Evielab CBD Sleep micro-pearls

What dose of CBD will improve my sleep or help me sleep?

Taking CBD (from hemp) in the long term is really not harmful for your body and your health. Contrary to THC, the dose of CBD that you will take can’t be responsible for an OD. You can have as many pearls as you like though we recommend that you take between 15 mg and 25 mg a day, that is to say 5 pearls of Evielab CBD before going to bed. Thanks to our dispensing tube, you’ll find it very easy to count the precise number of pearls that you need. Another advantage of Evielab CBD pearls is that there’s no risk of addiction or side effects on your brain or body. Surveys show that a high dose of CBD over a short period is better than small doses over a long period of time. So prefer the first option for better results.

One thing is certain, you’d better take CBD according to what you feel and prefer because this product isn’t a medicine but just the right product to get your beauty sleep. This will help you reduce sleeplessness and will make falling asleep easier.

If your sleeping problems aren’t solved, then it’s advisable to see a doctor who will give you the right treatment after finding the cause of your sleeplessness.

How long does it take CBD to act on sleep and problems of stress or anxiety? 

The soothing effects of CBD on sleep take between 30 to 60 minutes after taking the pearls. This duration depends on people and the dose that is taken. CBD will act on your body and your sleep will be of better quality night after night. Therefore, you’ll feel better physically and morally and you’ll realise the good effects of CBD to give you better nights of uninterrupted sleep.