Reduce the suffering caused by rheumatism with CBD pearls!

Reduce the suffering caused by rheumatism with CBD pearls!

Winter is not often synonymous with joy or vitality! Indeed, the cold brings in its wake a number of more or less important inconveniences. In particular, there are joint or muscle problems that tend to be more present during winter. As you may know, CBD is a molecular compound that can effectively reduce pain. It is often used in the form of an oil, but there are also other formulations that are also very effective, such as pearls. These can allow sufficient absorption of cannabidiol to achieve results. It is essential to treat muscular pain, as it can worsen and lead to a change in the condition of daily life. Difficulty to move around, lack of energy, chronic fatigue… 

The power of cannabidiol (CBD) against muscle problems, osteoarthritis or chronic suffering 

Even though medical research is still ongoing, the choice of CBD can be a good choice against physical but also mental pain such as anxiety or chronic stress. This molecule is capable of having an anti-inflammatory effect. This can reduce the perception of pain but also increase the healing power of the immune system. CBD molecules are directly linked to the receptors of the immune system. human endocannabinoids. This is what can make its action so effective! Moreover, the cannabidiol molecule can also reduce so-called chronic pain, particularly in the case of adults. There are also some very interesting examples of the following; problems of joints, muscles as well as those related to osteoarthritis. 

Reduce the trauma resulting from sports practice or too intense physical effort

The CBD has an interesting feature: it is an active pain reliever. In the form of pearls, the molecule is optimally diffused and would allow a rapid recovery of vitality. It should be noted that muscular pains are caused by the permanent contraction of the cells of the muscle.  It is therefore necessary to relax them by playing on the nerve impulse. And the CBD can contribute to this. Its action would make it possible to relax the muscular mass in depth and thus prevent consequences such as torticollis, muscular tearing or even elongation… There is another molecule that is less talked about: CBG or cannabigerol. This molecule is everything  as active as the CBD, especially when it acts in synergy. The combination of terpenes, but also of these two specific molecules, would offer a promising result in terms of resting the muscles. All you need to do is ingest a few pearls of CBD for the effect to be interesting. 

The CBD against joint problems 

Particularly painful, the suffering caused by inflamed joints is acute. These come from cartilage which is no longer supple enough and therefore, generates painful rubbing during movement. We recommend that you avoid wearing heavy weights. The load on your joints is very high, because it is directly on your joints. Repeating a gesture can be significantly detrimental to bone well-being and in particular to joint junctions. The CBD molecule can in certain cases rapidly reduce the sensation of pain. 

Chronic pain, on the other hand, is more likely to be caused by nerve inflammation. By for example, sciatica is particularly painful and can prevent a person from having a life of pain. In this case, it is not a muscle or joint that suffers, but directly the nervous system. Unfortunately, it happens that the traditional solutions, derived from the opiates no longer give satisfactory results. CBD pearls can have a positive effect. Once ingested, they can have a particularly powerful analgesic effect.

Cannabidiol pearls also contain anti-inflammatory substances that can strengthen the pain-relieving effect. Among several currently known molecules, apart from CBD, there are the CBG we told you about, but also terpenes such as geraniol or myrcene. These two specific molecules produce sedative effects in a natural way. 

Extremely easy CBD taking thanks to the pearls

Absorbing cannabidiol in the form of Evielab Pearls has two main advantages. Firstly, you know in advance the amount of CBD
ingested. You can adjust it accordingly. Everyday use is extremely simplified since you only have to open the tube containing the pearls to take them in your mouth. In addition, the format of the dispenser stick is discreet. This makes it easy to handle and carry around: in a pocket or in a handbag!