The definition of CBD

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the numerous cannabinoids found in hemp. Hemp has over a hundred cannabinoids and CBD is one of them. THC is the most famous cannabinoid but there are also CBD and CBG.

 CBD is sold as a food supplement, cosmetics, oil, flowers or even CBD pearls.

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The effects of CBD

CBD - short for Cannabidiol - is in the plant of cannabis Sativa L (a variety of cannabis also called hemp). Then, contrary to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), cannabidiol has no psychotropic effect. This means that using CBD won’t make you high.

The effect of CBD is subtler and more therapeutic than THC. Used mainly for its relaxing effects, CBD has several therapeutic effects. Bear in mind that CBD and THC are totally different and that both don’t have the same effects nor the same benefits.

Taking CBD won’t alter your perception, your senses or reality. This molecule isn’t responsible for intoxication. The effect of CBD is physical since it is relaxing but its other benefits are therapeutic.

The effects of CBD are multiple as it acts on the receptors linked to anxiety and pain.

They are:

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Anti-convulsive

  • Relaxing

  • Painkilling

  • Reducing stress

  • Working on chronic pains 

However CBD isn’t a medicine and thus can’t replace any medicine or used as a medicine. So CBD will relax you or relieve your pain but it has no psychoactive power.

The benefits of CBD

Relieving pain

Cannabidiol or CBD helps to relieve pains or inflammations. Several studies have shown that CBD has anti-inflammatory powers but that it also relieves pain and is anti-convulsive. Many testimonies of patients suffering from arthritis, inflammatory intestinal diseases, MS or neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s (to name but a few) confirm the fact that CBD truly relieves pain and inflammations. 

Nevertheless, you have to remember that there are many types of pains:

  • neuropathic pains caused by an inflammation of nerves

  • intense pains caused by a lesion or a wound

Though there’s promising research about the benefits of CBD, we’re far from having unanimous positive conclusions. Our body doesn’t react in the same way according to the different pains we may feel or the different medicines that we take to relieve our pains. 

To relieve pain , use our Evielab Relief pearls.

CBD against OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) and PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Research and studies tend to show that CBD is very helpful in cases of OCD, Panic Disorder,  Generalised Anxiety Disorder or PTSD. 

So why should CBD help in such cases of disorder? Simply because CBD helps to produce anandamide- one of the endocannabinoids present in our body-, which contributes to well-being, calming  and serenity. Taking CBD seems promising for patients suffering from physical and psychological disorders.

Note that the scientists who have worked on the consumption of cannabidiol came to the conclusion that CBD helps to decrease the symptoms of these disorders but doesn’t treat them totally.

To help relieve these symptoms, you will find Pure CBD and Evielab Relax CBD on Pearls Paris.

The antioxidant effect of CBD

CBD is well known for its relaxing and pain killing effects but it also appears that it is antioxidant too. Just like vitamin C or E, CBD can prevent the development of neurodegenerative or cardiovascular diseases thanks to its antioxidants.

Immunity Evielab is one of the cannabidiols that will help reinforce your immune system.

CBD and sport

As it helps for sporting abilities and recovery, CBD can be very helpful for your sports performances. Indeed the benefits of CBD that are already known ( stress reduction, relaxation, reduction of anxiety…) can help to improve the sports performances of athletes. Added to this comes a supply of energy without the undesirable effects that you can have after taking some food supplements such as proteins or caffeine. CBd will also be a good partner for an enhanced concentration. 

As said above, cannabidiol is also a good antioxidant product that is anti-inflammatory.Its benefits will be very helpful to help your body recover from effort.

Evielab designed the formula called Sport CBD for better sporting abilities and a quicker recovery.

Note that CBD isn’t listed as a doping product contrary to THC.

CBD and sleep

Cannabidiol has proved its effects many times with proven relaxing effects, a feeling of relaxation without the side effects that THC can have.

As CBD helps to be in a state of physical and psychological calming, it therefore helps you to fall asleep more quickly and easily. CBD helps you to optimise your body and mind rest.

Sleep Evielab CBD is the answer.

Is the CBD pearl a revolution?

You can find CBD in different forms, for example oil, flowers, resin looking like cannabis resin, cosmetics,food supplements,e-liquid (to use in your e-cigarette) and now you have CBD pearls.

But what are the differences between all these types of products? Are they all efficient? Is the quality of CBD the same? Does CBD have any side effects?

Here is a table highlighting the different types of CBD and their effects.

Precise dosingEasy to carryHealthyPossible to share
CBD oilFalse IconFalse IconFalse IconFalse Icon
FoodFalse IconTrue IconFalse IconTrue Icon



False IconFalse IconFalse IconFalse Icon
Flowers/ResinFalse IconFalse IconFalse IconTrue Icon
CosmeticsFalse IconTrue IconTrue IconFalse Icon
CBD PearlsTrue IconTrue IconTrue IconTrue Icon

The quality of CBD

The quality of CBD is the first criterion to study for the use of therapeutic cannabis. Its quality differs according to its origin or brand.

Always prefer  French retailers who select their range and origin of products with care. For instance many oil brands come from China where the health standards are far from being the same as in France.  

Foods containing CBD also have additives and sugar altering the quality of cannabidiol.

Vaping or smoking resin or flowers of CBD isn’t recommended for your health, not to mention the risks of psychological addiction caused by smoking.

Dosing CBD

Dosing cannabidiol is one of the major problems  of taking CBD after the issue of quality. Indeed the types of current CBD aren’t suitable for accurate dosing and posology. How can you be sure of the amount of cannabidiol in a drop of oil, while vaping CBD or while using a CBD cream? It’s absolutely impossible.

And yet dosing is key for the consumption of CBD. Any serious retailer will tell you that dosing is essential, that it has to be progressive in order to make your body used to this food supplement. 

CBD pearls

cbd pearls

Evielab CBD pearls have many benefits and advantages: 

An accurate and careful dosing of 5 mg of cannabinoids per pearl in a dosing stick of exactly 70 pearls.

An available traceability coming from Californian organic hemp that proves the quality of Evielab products.

Formulas with effects and benefits adapted to each moment of your day or night.

Carrying and sharing pearls are easy and ergonomic thanks to the dosing stick which takes very little space in your pocket or bag without any risk of leaking or being altered. The pouring stopper allows you to share your pearls without touching them.

Evielab pearls are healthy as they don’t have any additives, GMOs or solvents of any kind.

As our Evielab pearls don’t contain any THC, they’re perfectly legal in France. 

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